office interior design

our approach

Nine Yard Club approaches workplace and office interior design from a hospitality perspective, creating unique spaces that employees love to work in. Whether designing for a start-up or large organisation, our goal is to transform workplace interiors into super-efficient spaces that maximise productivity and wellbeing. Transforming your workplace interior can improve your employee’s performance, reduce costs and enhance your brand culture – our job is to equip you with the right tools to make it happen.


We kickstart the design process by delving deep to understand your brand’s core values and employee mindset. We listen to your requirements, assess how you currently work and help define how you would like to work in the future. This is the key to designing a workplace as unique as your business.

 ‘‘ we believe a well designed workplace is key to attracting and retaining top talent. ’’

Our interior design process begins with the operational layout as we firmly believe a great looking space is of no use if it’s not arranged efficiently. When planning, we encourage a balance of independent and collaborative working spaces and try to break up open plan offices with ‘think tanks’ to encourage innovation. Drawing on your workplace strategy we introduce practical elements to create efficiencies which transform day-to-day life for your employees and reinvigorate your workplace.


Every Nine Yard Club design scheme features one overarching concept that embodies the brand. This could be colour, technology or lighting which is used as a narrative throughout the space. When it comes to look and feel, we have a deep awareness of materiality and colour which we employ with equal measure of imagination and restraint. We are passionate about authentic, raw materials and ensure that every finish we specify is super durable and fit for commercial use. Through hand-drawings and 3D renders, we transform our concepts into breath-taking visuals to give you a real sense of your future space.

making it happen

Throughout the design process we coordinate the design scheme with the physical make-up of the building, working with specialist contractors where necessary. We provide estimated costs to make sure your budget is realistic and when everyone is happy with the design, we manage the tender process ensuring the right teams are appointed to bring the scheme to life. Over the years we have built strong relationships with some great specialist teams. We oversee the installation from beginning to end, placing orders and monitoring progress on site to make sure the end result is as breath- taking as we imagined.


let’s talk

If it’s inspiring offices you’re after… we’ve got you covered. Drop us a line and tell us about your next project, we’d love to hear from you.