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our approach

Fitness and self-care has never been higher on the public agenda. As a result the gym and leisure landscape is becoming incredibly competitive. Elevate your brand above the humdrum high street options and inject some personality into your environment.

We use the skills we have honed in the hospitality sector to come at gym and leisure design from a refreshing angle, creating inventive and energising interiors that inspire your customers and help you to flex your muscles as a brand. Whether we are creating a gym, juice bar, swimming pool or steam room, we promise highly functional spaces with design that gets your pulse racing.

Gym Interior Design

 ‘‘ customers should be energised, inspired and excited by their gym and leisure facilities ’’

our design ethos

As well as using a function-first design ethos, we believe in close collaboration with all of our clients. Listening to your ambitions is the best way to breathe life into an interior that reflects your brand, inspires your audience and makes you proud.

Our goal is to make sure your space not only looks great but delivers on facilities and quality. From narrowing down your offering to finding the latest equipment, we’ve got you covered.

We work alongside a team of trusted suppliers and installers who make our vision a reality. We oversee every project to completion, that includes everything from feasibility studies to budget management and installation management.

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Gym Interior Designs

ready… steady… go!

There’s a lot to consider when choosing an interior design specialist. Get in touch to chat about your ambitions and see how we could work together.